I love Walmart!

walmartI hear a lot of people complain about Walmart but I love it!  I can go in there WITHOUT coupons and I never feel ripped off.  Add their ad match policy, and it is a win-win for me!  Not only do I love their groceries, but I consistently find clothes, housewares, toys, movies, etc for the best price!  Did I mention that I love Walmart?!?


So, what is the purpose of this blog you ask?  Well, I go grocery shopping once a week and I am trying to spend $100 or less each week for a family of 5.  It can be challenging!  I have some picky eaters (including myself), some food allergies, and many days where I just don’t feel like cooking.  So, I plan to post my grocery trip to Walmart ( I plan to go every Friday) and include any price matching that I do or coupons that I use.


In addition to that, I am going to post links to special online deals that I find at Walmart.   I love their clearance section and shop there often online!  So, let’s get shopping people!!!